Saturday, February 04, 2012

Shows You the Most, Part 4

So, I've got two things that I know of coming up. This Monday, February 6th, I'll be playing in one of David Fishkin's groups, Adult Content, as apart of a festival celebrating the New Zealand holiday, Waitangi Day. To describe Adult Content, you would have to take one part this and another part that and you might find us somewhere in between (I don't think that summary helps. Well, you can at least dance to it). This will be taken place at NOSPACE in Philadelphia (2315 E. Hazzard). Check the site for more detail, and I do believe we are last in the scheme of things (11PM? Maybe?). Everything (i.e. the bacon) starts around 5:30PM, so there's plenty time in between.

On February 15th, practically the same band (EXTREME FISHKIN!!!) will be playing at Tritone for the last Avant Ascension, a music series dedicated in presenting Philadelphia's avant-new-freejazz-progressive-improvised-punk-noise-garde-whatever music scene. The Tritone is unfortunately closing its doors at the end of February, so it seems like there has been quite the blow-out parties going on there. I'm not entirely sure of who else is on the bill for that night, but as always, there's the open jam later in the evening; bring your ax.

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