Thursday, January 19, 2012

Travis Feels Nostalgic & Shows You the Most, Part 3

I've been quiet, but that's natural.

Recently, I've been going back to old live recordings to attempt to "remaster" them. I realized when I first tried to tweak them, to my ears they ended up sounding pale. This time, I tried to correct that mistake and hope that everything is more audible. Not only that, I cut out a lot of my banter ("Shut up and play already!"). The two recordings I've been focusing on were the Papa Shango Curse show from 2008, and the Live Like a King show from 2009. I know I've posted these in full and widely available to be heard for a while now, but my perfectionist side kicked in and I wanted to make it sound a little better than what they were (or at least to my capability). In the future, I plan on offering pristine recordings of these ideas, but for now I have to do the best with what I have (thank you "Taper Tom" for the recordings; keeper of all good and potentially embarrassing performances, as well as hilarious musician rants).

Also, I know it's a bit late, but I'm playing two show this weekend! One is in West Philly at 45 & Kingsessing where I'll be in a trio with Scott Verrastro and David Fishkin as VFW on Friday, January 20th, roughly 8PM start ($5 suggested donation). Joining us will be Malcolm Tent, My Nation Underground (dudes from Drums Like Machine Guns) and Warshack. The other is Saturday evening at the El Bar in Fishtown, where I'll be playing with Split Red. I actually don't know when it starts, the other bands we're playing with, or the cover, but lets say it "starts" at 8PM, and the cover is "$5".

As an added bonus, here's a recording of an old idea I rehashed for posterity.
One afternoon, I presented an old "pattern groove" idea, amply titled "Olsen₂", to two friends. It's constructed with a simple melody played in 2/4 while the rhythm section is in 3/4. After awhile of riffing on the phrase(s), we play musical tag and trade off the 2/4 beat to each other and the person who trades of their 2/4 will be in 3/4. It's just a working idea and it will probably appear in something in the future. Thank you Julius (drums) and Eliot (keys)!

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