Monday, October 31, 2011

Shows You the Most

Simcha at Johnny Brenda's
(Photo by Matt Hurst)
I've got some interesting things coming up. 

November 4th: Electric Simcha will be making our South Philly debut at Cha-cha'razzi. I actually never been to this place yet, so I'm looking forward to it. We'll be playing with the Raya Brass Band, which features a few members of another brass group we had the opportunity to play with this past summer called the Ververitse Brass Band. CANCELLED!

November 11th: I was set-up on a "blind date" as apart of a experiment music festival at the fidget space (1714 N. Mascher St.), curated by <fidget> and Nicole Bindler. I was paired with a dancer that I have never met, and our goal is to improvise on the spot, which is just as awkward as an actual blind date. All kidding aside, I'm looking forward to improvise with my selected partner in crime, having awkward small talks and wondering if the check will arrive soon. To quote the event details: "Like it or not, the artists' pairings won't be disclosed until the show. Improvisational relationships will be forged; the visual and aural "now" will be given the time and space to meet. How simultaneously lovely and uncomfortable."

Split Red at KFN
(Photo by Jim Coughlin)
November 20th: Split Red will be at the Highwire Gallery in Fishtown for Travis Laplante's CD Release Show. I've seen Travis play with Extra Life and Little Women in the past and have only seen him do his solo thing via YouTube. This will be quite the treat for me and others to see him do his thing. Joining us will be two sets of duos with Joe Moffett (trumpet) / Kristin Slipp (voice) and Anthony Pirog (guitar) / Scott Verrastro (drums).

I hope to see some familiar and new faces, so come out if you can, and have an EPIC Halloween.

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